How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Selling eBooks without Writing & Designing them Yourself

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Selling eBooks without Writing & Designing them Yourself

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Yes, you heard me right.

No need to write yourself, no need to create the sales pages yourself, no need to design the eCovers yourself and more.

Hi and welcome to this page.

It’s Prosper at 6 Figure Reports.

Today am going to share with you how to actually make money selling eBooks;
This is not your regular random article out there that just gives tips and leaves you to do the rest.

In fact, with this strategy am about to share with you;

– You don’t need to write that eBook yourself

– No need to go about researching for topics and time wasting stuff like that

– You don’t even need to create a sales page yourself to sell the ebooks etc.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, in a few minutes from now I’ll show you.

Just incase you didn’t know and FYI (for your information), A lot of people make thousands and even millions of naira monthly selling just short eBook reports;

It’s simple; if you want to make money, offer value, create a solution.

If you can solve people’s problems, they’ll gladly pay you.

You can own eBooks on top categories like business opportunities, health, relationships, etc.

– How to create a website without coding as a beginner

– Business Opportunity: e.g. How to create eBooks

– Finance: e.g. How to make money online

– Health: e.g How to cure diabetes, lose weight

– and more.

There are lots of categories like this you can make money from, to get sales, all you need to do is run your adverts on platforms like Facebook promoting the eBooks, or sell for free on warriorplus, jvzoo, or even on Instagram.

That reminds me of a guy I see on Facebook ads almost all the time, I would have shown you his his Ad here for you to see but I failed to take any screenshots.

He runs his advert codedly, selling making money online eBooks, priced at only N3,000 each and people who are interested actually click through and order, since its’ relatively cheap and solves a pressing problem “money making”

He just creates the advert and writes something like;

Due to popular demand, I have decided to release this information to the public.

Then he goes ahead to list the content of the eBook in bullet points, and add then add a very cheap price from N1,500 N2,000 upward….

One can even use AI copywriting websites like shortlyAI to help with creating the ad copies.

It helps if you don’t know how to create compelling copies to sell your eBooks.

When done with everything, he will launch his Ad, that’s how he makes his money

He doesn’t even have a website, he uses website.

So after listing all the benefits of the eBook in bullet points, he will link to his page on selar. takes care of the payment and buy button for him and there people can see more details about the product they want to buy, and when they buy, the money gets added to his account on selar, he withdraws from there to his bank account.

Selar will take their own small fee.

Don’t forget, with the strategy I’ll share with you a few seconds from now, you don’t actually need to go about researching for problems, you don’t need to write your own eBook from scratch and you are not even going to design sales pages and eCovers.

So literally, this is for complete beginners, with little or no experience.

I’ve sold eBooks and made thousands myself.

I have about 3 eBooks currently selling.

-One is a short eBook report I created that teaches Nigerians how to create a PayPal account and receive their payments safely from online platforms like Fiverr, Affiliate-Marketing, dropshipping, etc… (Price is N5,000

– I also have another eBook on how to rank website blogs on google and make money (N15,000)

– The third is on Clickbank (N7,500)

As seen below is my Paystack dashboard; over N600k+ selling eBooks

Paystack is a payment platform in Nigeria that you can use to receive your payments from customers and it’s free to use too. So customers can actually pay for your eBooks through Paystack, from there you withdraw to your bank account.

I created those ebooks above myself but things have now become easier, you don’t necessarily need to create eBooks yourself from scratch and you don’t need to create the sales pages, and other marketing materials, etc

Take a look at the image below;

These are some of the eBooks, and you can become the owner.

Yes, you can become the owner of these ebooks, as if you wrote them.

Let me introduce you to something called PLR… (Private Label Rights)


What Are Private Label Rights?

PLR products are private label rights products – items that are basically done for you. This means that you do not have to create the content, all you have to do is take it and turn it into your own individual product, which gives you complete credit for the finished product.

You can sell these eBooks on Facebook, Instagram, Membership sites, Amazon, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, etc.

Private label rights (PLR) content is a key component to many online businesses and has become a highly visible part of the Internet marketing landscape.

Love this idea?

The ebooks have been written, the sales page has been done as well, and pretty much everything including the Ecover; everything designed.

Now all you need to do is just edit to your taste, slap your name on it and you’re the owner.

Yes, you become the author instantly.

You can then sell it or give it out as a freebie to build your email list or you can use it as a bonus to sell your other products.

See how easy this is?

It’s as simple as that.

Like seriously, no jokes.

Everything is done; including the research of the topic, the cover of the eBook, the sales page that you can run an advert to and start making money asap, all done.

Just start selling it, plus it’s not even necessary you run adverts, if you don’t have enough budget for an advert, then you can start marketing it using free methods first, then later you scale things.

This is a very cool way to start making money online as soon as possible here in Nigeria.

How to Get Started?

How do you actually get started right now that you’ve discovered this hot opportunity?

Well, you are one step away.

There is a platform that will give you access to over 300+ plr products/eBooks, so you can choose the one you like, edit to your satisfaction/taste, add your name and booom, it’s all yours to sell and use however you want.

and you will also get access to training videos that will walk you through the whole stuff.

– Step By Step Quick video tutorial on How to Edit, add your name, package the PLR eBooks”

– Full video course “PLR Profits” that will show you How to Make Money with PLR products using 14 Powerful Methods, with this you can earn up to N500k/month if you are serious.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about or discover the platform that will give you access to over 300+ plr eBooks including video training on how to edit and add your name so it becomes yours + full video course on how to make money with Plrs, then click the link below.


=> Click Here to Get Started


  • The eBooks are high quality and written for you already, all you need to do is edit and slap your name on it.. haha!
  • The sales pages are designed already
  • The eCovers are designed already
  • As well as other marketing materials you need to start making sales.

It’s just like food has been prepared for you and all you need do is eat it.

===> Click Here to Learn More and Get Started ASAP!


Peter at 10:49 pm

Hi prosper, please i love your post, pkease how can i get in constant touch with you. From peter in Lagos

prosper at 4:00 pm

You can check the contact section of this website

Shuib at 3:16 pm

Great info.

The free training I got by Mr Matthew is so helpful especially on the aspect of selling our PLRs.
I’m happy to be a customer Prosper.

Awogor at 5:51 pm

Thanks for your comment sir.
Much appreciated

prosper at 3:59 pm

That’s great to hear
Thank you.

Emmanuel at 2:38 pm

hello prosper, please can you work on your page…it is blue and the letterings are black and feint….they are stressing my eyes…you could just make the words in white or change it from blue


prosper at 3:02 pm

Sorry about that, it’s a glitch.
Will fix asap.

Emmanuel at 2:42 pm

can i upload my books on paystack so whoever buys would just download or how does it work?

prosper at 3:03 pm

Signup and see exactly how it works

Olalekan joseph at 2:54 pm

I’m a Learnoflix affiliate marketing program team i like to make money online by selling people products and marketing people market through online

David at 1:03 am

How do know topics people will buy, have been stock with dis for lika week now

Maybe you can just do the best favour and tell me topic to write on

Thanks in advance


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