How to Make 200k Per Month with 6Figure Reports

How To Make Money With 6 Figure Reports: Earning N200k Per Month Guaranteed

in How To, Make Money Onlineby Awogor Matthew

Have you ever wanted to make money with 6 figure reports where all work is done for you? Like, really made some serious cash online before or not? Then listen up because I have the biggest and best news that’s going to up your game drastically.

Making money with is the simple and easiest way for everyone to truly make six-figure monthly as a side hustle. I know, I know… “There’s no way that can be true.” It’s alright to have that instinctive reaction. Nothing seems to be true anymore anyways, so I don’t expect you to believe me.

But even without doubt, people are still hitting 6 figures monthly from their comfort zones.

There are many ways to earn money online and freelance. Some are relatively difficult to what you can earn while others are simple and straightforward. There’s power in information and taking advantage of calculated opportunities.

One of the best and easiest ways is learning how to make money online by using our website ( Relatively, anyone can join our website today and earn six-figure without doing 100% of the actual work.

We explain how to start making money on our website in one of our posts written by Prosper Noah, how to take care of your online presence, how to attract visitors, and more. You don’t have to be an expert business owner or even have much capital to start making money online. Just a little bit of work and passion every day can lead to earning a living from doing what you love.

This post is going to basically cover every method that you can use to make 200 f*kin’ “K” (N200,000) per month using website as a beginner or expert alike.

Before I do that, let me tell you who I am so anytime you hear my name on the internet, you would be a little comfortable with me around and not sound like a total stranger.

My name is Awogor Matthew. I have started an online business since 2015 casually doing it part-time while maintaining my 9-6 job that barely paid me 40k per month with a lot of restrictions like, I can’t really operate my phone nor receive important calls while on duty. (The angriest thing I ever experienced).

I wanted the freedom of my time, doing what I want, how I want, and when I wanted without anyone monitoring my ways.

But guess what, things weren’t as easy as I thought. I didn’t start earning 6 figures or even 5 figures immediately like I thought I would have based on the hype of programs I joined.

I have been a self-motivated type from day one…invested a lot in buying paid courses, implementing what I learned…that is my way of life. I explore opportunities.

I have ventured into a different online businesses you could probably be thinking of right now including blogging, mini importation, dropshipping, digital product launch, I’ve tried CPA marketing, Affiliate marketing, membership sites et all just this site too…

Trust me when I say it has always been difficult to get the desired results.

…I was working and going to school, trying to make some money online while studying, struggling to find the balance in my social and personal life…

….I struggled FOR YEARS trying to discover the secrets of making money online. Should I say I’ve discovered the only way to make money online? Factual no because they are average thousand means to make money online out there.

I was stressed to the hilt felt more depressed than I would ever admit in public. Trust me again when I say “I started feeling like maybe this online business tingy was a big fat lie and I had been suckered. I wasn’t sure if I should keep going or shut down the dream….Many we started together must have stopped.” Should I do the same?

“I Will Never Give Up” because successful people don’t give up because of their failed attempts. The only time they give up trying is when they cease to breathe.

Guess what, my consistency, dedication, and commitment have positioned me in a good place that has gained me so many experiences from all these business models I’ve been into.

All my trial and error, failures, and successes have gathered me unthinkable experiences to boldly decide which business actually works… And with all these business models I’ve learned and mastered, one of them that really works well without any startup capital is this one I’m going to be putting you through…

Did I tell you too that I’ve made a few million doing drop servicing business? yea… it won’t be nice for me to mention other businesses without mentioning this one too because it helped me a lot during my learning times.


How to Make N200k Per Month With 6Figure Reports Website.

You know that information is power and that is exactly what I want to give you today. So now that you’ve known me well, let’s get into the topic proper.

There are 2 basic ways to make money with 6figure reports and these include becoming a business owner by buying and owning our products to reselling to your desired customers at your own price. Or by helping us to sell our products and making a commission from it otherwise called affiliate marketing.

Any option you choose, you’re definitely going to be making at least N200k per month working from anywhere as you pay attention to instructions and taking the right calculated steps and actions towards achieving those results.

So we are going to break each method down in order to help you respectively.

1. 6figure Reports Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing Concepts

Our affiliate programs are designed to help everyone make money online by referring our offers to their friends, family, loved ones, and customers using social media or web blogs.

If you don’t want to own your business but decides to partner with us, you can do so by registering to become an affiliate marketer by referring to our products.

To register as an affiliate, you’ll need to pay our affiliate registration fee of N2500 in order to gain access to promote our products.

This fee is important because we don’t want unserious people to join the program. Also, we set this fee to enable you to earn even more money by referring others to join us.

When you refer other affiliates who pay N2500 using your link to become affiliates, you’ll earn a commission of N1400 per referral.

Inside this method, there are different ways by which you can earn higher commissions using our website. And I’ll explain them in (3) methods.

Method 1. Refer other Affiliates to 6 Figure Reports

We understand that increasing everyone’s chances of making money using our platform is seriously important, so we created an opportunity for you to refer other powerful affiliate marketers to register under you to become affiliates thereby allowing you to earn more than 50% commission doing so.

So let’s say A referred B to join as affiliates and pay their registration fee of N2500, A would earn N1300 just by referring them.

Now, if you are able to refer at least 10 people per day to join as affiliates, you’d be making at least:

N1300 X 10 referrals = N13,000/week

Let’s assume you’re really lazy but could do only 5 referrals per week and that would be N6,500 per week but this post would be illustrated based on 10 referrals per week. Because that is the minimum benchmark every hard-working affiliate should target.

Method 2: Selling our products

This is another simple way to earn from our blog but slow in income because our products are sold relatively cheap because we want our buyers to resell and make a huge profit as possible so we can’t hike the price.

Our product prices range from N500/$1 to N1500/$4 per product. And when you help us sell one as an affiliate, you’ll earn from as little as N250/sales to as high as N750/sale.

As little as this may sound, one can make more than 100 sales per week since anyone can spare the cash to get these products. So referring them wouldn’t be a big deal to any class of people.

So, for the purpose of this post, I’m going to illustrate basically on N1000/product. Assuming you made a minimum of 10 sales per week as an affiliate, you’d be making N500x10.

N500 X 10 sales = N5000 per week.

So far, you’re going to be able to make N10,000 + N5000 per week as an affiliate.

Method 3: Selling of membership

This is where the shocker comes in buddy paddy…

If you are an affiliate and you target customers who are likely to say they don’t want to be buying one product each but rather going for a monthly, yearly or unlimited membership, it is okay to take advantage of our membership plans where you’ll be earning as high as N4250/sales referring others.

This is a goldmine and I’m going to use our unlimited plan which is currently N9500 as of the time of producing this draft as a case study.

So, the target is to make at least 5 sales per week in this category as an affiliate. It can be any plan but as I said, we are targeting the big fish plan which is N9500. So let us do the Maths.

N4250 X 5 sales = N21,250 / per week.

Now, let’s add the possible weekly earnings together as an affiliate marketer. That would be;

N13,000 + N5000 + N 21,250

= N39,250 per week.

So, you are estimated to make approximately N40,000 every single week with 6 Figure Reports working from any part of the world as an affiliate marketer. Now, let’s look at how much you can earn per month as an affiliate marketer.

N39,250 X 4 Weeks

== N157,000 woofing as an affiliate marketer.

Note: This is just a simple estimate based on the average anyone can earn using our platform. You can DECIDE to make more than that; you are welcome.

2. Becoming A 5 Minutes Author: Selling eBooks As An Author

Another powerful method by which you can earn N200,000 (six-figure) per month is by becoming a 5 minutes author utilizing 6figure reports.

Here at 6 Figure reports, we provide you with more than 300+ PLR products that you can simply download to your device, edit to your satisfaction, then slam your name on it in 5 minutes, own it as the original creator without copyright, and sell it to local and international customers.

There’s no limit or boundaries to who you can sell to absolutely. The good part is that there’s a simple step-by-step training that teaches you how to edit your ebooks, sales pages, and covers to turn your ebook into a sellable product.

So, assuming you downloaded our product say this “Authority to high ticket offers” which teaches affiliates, coaches, and any business owner how to manipulatively sell high ticket offers… You slam your name on it and price it at N7500 but promo price at N2500.

If you invest at least N5000 on Facebook ads using our free training for Facebook ads, then you’d be making an average of 10 sales (On God).

So, possibly 10 sales per day are possible

N2500 X 10 Sales

== N25,000 Per day

So if you are able to maintain that margin per day for at least 5 days a week, you would be earning N125,000 per week.

That is real 6 figure per week dude. I’m not directly or indirectly saying it’s going to be easy, of course not and you need to know you need to put in efforts and work to get that result.

And if for any reason you are doubting it’s possible, then you don’t know how much your country is worth and you can go your way doubting in poverty, no insult.

Make 200k in 72 hours
Osazee Kelvin King Earned N200k in less than 72 hours of launching his online course. You too can do it.

For those doubting, you can launch an ebook and hit six-figure in less than 24 hours. But if you don’t try, how would you know? You’ll only be swimming in doubts.

The screenshot above is the one of Osazee Kelvin. A close friend of mine whom I’ve known since 2014/2015 as one of the top internet marketers. No doubts, he’s a millionaire internet marketer earning in Naira and dollar. In fact, when you see him, bill him. 😜😜😜

He testified to have made 200k in 72 hours selling digital products. You too can make it that way or way better than that. It’s a mindset and dedication. Plus the fact that we’ve created all the products for you and you don’t have to go from scratch makes it easy for you.

Now that you’re able to hit N125,000 per week selling your ebooks, let’s see how much you can make per month selling our 6 figure reports.

N125,000 per week (X4) Weeks

== N500,000

It might sound wired and too good to be true. As I said, it can only work when you decide to make it work and work towards it.

There’s nothing unachievable on earth as far as you work hard for it. You can be making N500k per month working from home selling eBooks that you never did write yourself.

If you are doubting again, read this practical example of a post written by Prosper Noah where he showed how to make money selling ebooks without writing or design them yourself.

How much can you earn in total with the 6 Figure Reports Website?

Now that we’ve explored basically (2) major means to make money with 6 Figure Reports which comprising affiliate marketing or the Author method, let’s see how much you can earn in summary and how much you can combine.

===> Basically, when you stick to an affiliate program as referring other affiliates to join our website you could be earning N13,000 per week and N52,000 per month.

===> When you choose to promote our products with an average price of N1000, you’ll be earning an average of N5000 per week and N20,000 per month.

===> However, when you choose to promote our highest membership plan which is currently N9500 as of the time of putting this report, you’d be earning N21,250 per week and N85,000 per month.

If you choose to stick only with affiliate marketing utilizing all the above-mentioned methods, you’d be earning an average of N39,250 per week and N157,000 per month.

You can choose to earn more than this per month or less than that. The ball is in your court to take advantage of. Affiliate earnings are to be paid every Friday as stated in our Affiliate terms and conditions page and there’s no limit to what you can earn or withdraw.

===> Additionally, when you choose to become an author in 5 minutes by purchasing our membership plans, you could be earning an average of N125,000 per week and N500,000 per month.

You can choose to earn above that or below that of course. It depends on your hunger for success and how much resources, time, and effort you’re able to put into action to achieve your desired results.

To get started and become a verified affiliate on our site go here ===> Affiliate program

To get started as a 5 Minutes Instant Author visit here to get started ===> Sell eBooks without writing or designing.

When you combine all methods shared on this post, you’d be earning an average of N657,000 per month. Again, this is an estimate based on our metrics. It is 100% possible to earn more than that, you can also earn less than that or even fold your legs and hands and earn nothing.

Finally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or use the contact us page. Thanks.

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