Top 5 Apps To Get A Loan In Minutes In Nigeria Without BVN

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You can’t predict life which is why most times unexpected circumstances come up where you need some urgent cash. Still, you don’t have the time and patience to go through the standard banking procedures to get a loan and you don’t also want to give out your BVN to any online loan app because you don’t trust them.

I’ve got some good news for you because you can actually get a loan in minutes in Nigeria without BVN and in this article, I will be listing out and also explaining everything you need to know about the top 5 apps to get a loan in minutes in Nigeria without BVN.

So if this is what you have been searching the internet for, then you should consider reading this article carefully till the end because we will provide all the answers to every question that will eventually cross your mind concerning the top 5 apps to get a loan in minutes in Nigeria without BVN.


What is BVN?

Before you actually type in the keyword on google, top apps to get a loan in minutes without BVN, it means that you should have known what a BVN is and why you should actually be very careful about where you input them.

However, for the sake of those that don’t really know what it is, let me use this time to explain what it really is:

The Bank Verification Number is an exclusive 11-digit identification number, that is used to uniquely identify each person within the Nigerian banking industry (BVN).

The Central Bank of Nigeria implemented this biometric identification system to prevent and curtail illicit banking activity there.

One of the reasons why you should keep your BVN number private is because, with the increasing rate of cybercrime, fraudsters can actually use your BVN to access your account and perform illegal transactions. So try as much as possible to keep your BVN private and secure and remember that no bank agent or so will for any reason call to ask for your BVN number, if you experience such, you shouldn’t give it out.

Can I Get a Loan In Nigeria Without BVN?

With the above explanation, you now know why people may not want to input their BVN in any loan app because you can’t tell for sure how you’re secure the platform is.

Now one of the questions that will be running through your mind is can I actually get a loan without BVN, the answer is YES. They are some app that gives out loan in minutes in Nigeria without BVN and we will be listing them below.

Top 5 Apps to Get a Loan in Minutes in Nigeria without BVN

Below are the top 5 apps to get a loan in minutes in Nigeria without BVN.

1. Aella Credit Loan App

Aella Credit Loan App is number one on your list because it is actually one of the fastest and best loan apps in Nigeria that give out loans in minutes and do not require a BVN.

This loan app is not only limited to Nigeria as other countries like Ghana and the Philippines can also have access to this loan app.

This loan app was actually created to help employees in big firms and organizations to meet up with their emergencies, however, as time goes on, the loan app was made available to the public.

2. PayLater

PayLater is a popular loans app in Nigeria that provides instant loans to individuals and small businesses. The app offers loans of up to NGN 1,500,000 with flexible repayment terms and low-interest rates. PayLater does not require a BVN to apply for a loan.

3. QuickCheck

QuickCheck is another popular loan app in Nigeria that offers instant loans to individuals and small businesses. The app allows users to apply for loans of up to NGN 500,000 with flexible repayment terms and low-interest rates. QuickCheck does not require a BVN to apply for a loan.

4. JumiaOne Loan App

Jumia is a popular eCommerce website/app and most people don’t even know that you can also get a loan in minutes from the JumiaOne Loan App which is affiliated with Juimia.

One good thing about the JumiaOne Loan App is that you do not need a BVN to get a loan which is majorly what we are looking for in this article.

To get a loan from this loan app, all you have to do is ‘Financial Services’ category and click on ‘Loans’, fill in the required information which BVN will not be required and within minutes, you should receive an alert of the loan, however, only if you qualify. Also, JumiaOne is similar to those platforms that offer loans for Centrelink pensioners in Australia because it never asks for job verification nor does it require much documentation.

5. FairMoney Loan App

You can acquire money immediately for any financial necessity through the FairMoney loan platform without providing your BVN, documents, collateral, or a guarantor.

You may essentially borrow any amount between N1,000 and N150,000 using this app, with durations ranging from 2 weeks to 12 weeks for payback. Your creditworthiness will determine if you are eligible to borrow up to that sum.


While the loan apps do not need BVN to give out loans, it is also important that you carry out research on each of the loans apps before borrowing from them because most customers have complaints about the various unethical means most of the apps have to use to get a refund of their money.

Most loan company goes as far as posting the customers picture with a very bad caption which is actually a very bad practice, so when you are looking out for a loan app that does not require a BVNto give out loans, do some other research to find out more about the company and the app. We hope this article on the top 5 apps to get a loan in minutes in Nigeria without BVN has been useful.

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