15 Websites to Sell your eBooks in Nigeria Easily 2023

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Recently I was making some research on how to sell ebooks in Nigeria because of a personal project I’m working on so I noticed a lot of people are looking for websites where they can actually sell their digital products (eBooks) and get paid.

Researching and writing eBooks is one thing, another is selling them.

It’s why I decided to write this post; in order to show you about 15 websites where you can actually sell your eBooks online right here in Nigeria.

So if this sounds like what you’re looking for then you’re in the right post.

I’ll list these websites for you shortly.

In fact, I won’t just list them, I’ll also show you how to get started with each and provide you with resources.


15 Websites to Sell Your eBooks in Nigeria

Below are the top 15 websites to help you sell your ebooks in Nigeria very fast.

  1. Selar.co
  2. Paystack Commerce
  3. Payhip
  4. Gumroad
  5. Amazon
  6. WarriorPlus
  7. Okada Books
  8. e-Junkie
  9. Fiverr
  10. Blurp
  11. Clickbank
  12. Google Play
  13. StreetLib
  14. Kobo
  15. Own Website or Blog

and there you have it.

I’ll now go into more detail on my top 7 websites (the ones am personally familiar with) tell you about them and how you can get started.

#1. Selar.co

how to sell ebooks in Nigeria

I’ve been into online business since 2018 and if you ask me my favorite among these websites listed I will say Selar.co

Why? because it’s the first ever website I sold my eBook.

Selar has been up for  a while and I’ve made a couple of sales just hosting my eBooks on there, and one of great features about them is that they don’t only allow you to host your eBook, they also have a feature that allows you to recruit affiliates who are interested in promoting your book.

This way you make more sales with less work.

You don’t need to go about searching for how to sell ebooks in Nigeria because selar.co will do the job for you clean and perfectly.

It’s definitely my No. 1 on this list.

Website Link: https://www.selar.co
Transaction Fee: 4% + N50 per sale

#2. Paystack Commerce

paystack commerce

Ever heard of Paystack?

Yea, that stuff that shows up whenever you want to buy stuff online using your card

“secured by paystack” 


It’s one of the most used, if not the best payment gateway in Nigeria.

Actually it’s more than a payment gateway right now.

In my previous post where I showed how to make money online in Nigeria selling pdf books without writing or designing them yourself, you saw how I sold my eBooks using Paystack and made over N600,000+ .

You can click here to read the post if you want.

They’ve launched something called paystack commerce and with it, you can sell your eBooks easily using their marketing system and recently I’ve been seeing lots of guys using the platform to sell their eBooks.

Yea, I’ve seen some guys running Facebook ads using Paystack Commerce to sell their ebooks.

This is great, isn’t it.

Its a YEA! for me and makes my No. 2 on sites to publish eBooks and make sales

Selling digital products like ebooks is really profitable, if you don’t know go and ask Akin Alabi the author of Small Business Big Money

Website Link: https://www.paystack.com
Transaction Fee: 1.5%


#3. Payhip


Payhip is another fast growing website where you can most definitely host and sell your e-books and it’s one of the best actually.

I’ve personally sold my eBooks there.

You see, back then when I started selling eBooks online I tried a lot of websites to find out which one was best, turns out that they do pretty much the same thing (host your eBook and provide you with marketing tools)

an payhip is no exception.

You can sell ebooks there and even memberships; customers are provided with various payment methods ranging from their master or visa cards, paypal etc.

Website Link: https://payhip.com/
Transaction Fee: 5%

#4. Gumroad



If I leave out gumroad then this article is not complete.

When you visit the gumroad website you’ll discover this touching/emotional headline

Creators deserve to get paid for their work

Ladies be like “Awnnn”


Well, you see; they are easily the top website globally where creators like you can sell their eBooks and get paid.

Everything is hosted for you free, they only take a small cut when you make sales.

I’ve seen lots of adverts on Facebook driving traffic to their gumroad pages.

You can do so too.

So check out gumroad and if you like their features, then get started with them.

Website Link: https://gumroad.com/
Transaction Fee: Varies

#5. Amazon


If you know jumia then you should know amazon too

Jumia is for the Nigerian market while Amazon is global

You may be asking “Amazon is an eCommerce website, what has it got to do with selling my eBooks o?”

Nice question.

We are not talking about buying stuff and shipping to Nigeria right now.

There’s something called Amazon kindle that allows you to publish eBooks and sell on Amazon.com

Once you publish and have your ebook listed on amazon they pay you in royalties (dollars) and you can receive those payment to your Payoneer account right here in Nigeria.

and one cool thing about amazon is that you don’t necessarily need to spend much money on running ads, you can get some sales because they are a popular website and get lots of traffic.

Of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote at your end.

You should try and find tutorials and guide online that shows how to start amazon kindle publishing

Website Link: https://kdp.amazon.com/
Transaction Fee: Varies

#6. WarriorPlus


WarriorPlus.com is a sales and marketing platform and you can sell a variety of stuff ranging from eBooks, Software, Video training programs/courses etc.

They provide you with almost everything that you need to make sales.

When you signup with them, you’ll be able to host/upload your eBooks; set price, recruit affiliates to promote it and other stuff.

It’s a super complete platform for selling digital products.

The first eBook I sold there was my eBook on website ranking and I made some sales.

You can host as many eBooks as possible.

Customers can purchase your eBooks but this time in dollars (so they pay with their paypal or master or visa card)

This one’s really good especially when you’re selling your eBook to the International audience and not Nigerians.

Website Link: https://warriorplus.com/
Transaction Fee: 4.9% + 10c per transaction

#7. Okada Books

okada books

Okada eBooks is a great platform and I’ve been hearing about them for years now:
That’s exactly what you see on their website’s footer as soon as you visit, and truly they’ve been keeping up to that title.

I haven’t actually published on the platform but from the stats you should know it’s a very good place to sell your eBooks and most importantly, they are free.

You can start for free so feel free to check out the site, also go through their FAQs, and other stuff and if you’re interested then signup with them.

Website Link: https://publish.okadabooks.com/
Transaction Fee: Varies

That’s it.

Actually there are a lot of these kind of websites that will allow you to sell your ebooks right here in Nigeria however I like to recommend what I’ve personally used and I’m familiar with and there you go with the 7 I just explained.

let’s call that my favorite.

Just incase you want to explore, then feel free to check others like e-Junkie, Fiverr, Blurp, Clickbank, Google Play, StreetLib, Kobo and your Own Website or Blog.

You can sell eBooks on your own blog using a plugin called WooCommerce.

That’s what I later resulted to when I discovered one could actually setup a blog and sell their digital products on there.

Anyway I’m sure with the mentioned platforms/websites I just mentioned you can sell your books easily without hassle.

Meanwhile if you want to learn how to make money online in Nigeria selling eBooks without writing or designing them yourself, check out this post 

Hope this helps you and whenever you see any writer searching for how to sell eBooks in Nigeria don’t forget to recommend this post to them.

In other words, share with friends and let me know in comment section if you have questions or contributions.

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Femi David at 11:55 pm

Why is Expertnaire not on this list

Arisekola Muritala at 11:49 pm

If you can see this Prosper, it’ll be helpful if you answered this question. Thanks.

Gideon at 1:11 pm

Nice one bro. I’ve not really tried warriorplus or jvzoo. I might try it out. With affiliates helping out it would be a fast promotion.


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