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5 Ways to Earn Money Directly to your Bank Account in Nigeria

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If you are looking for a way to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria 2022 then you’re in the right post.

There are lots of ways and different online business models you can involve yourself in, that if done properly can pay your bills for years to come and the amazing thing is that you can actually earn and get payments sent to your bank account.

I’ll list some of these models for you shortly.

Don’t worry, this is going to be straight to the point and all I need from you is to go through this post carefully and chose whichever one you deem fit for you.

I love people who take action because these sets of people get results.

Don’t just take this article as just another post you read on a blog; if you want to get results you have to actually take action.

Action takers are winners and it’s exactly what I want for everyone who reads my blog posts.

Without wasting much of your time, below is a glimpse of some of these models.

I’ll go through each and everyone, explain to you how it works and how you can earn money.

In fact, all of the models I’m going to mention are the ones I have actually used myself to earn money to my bank account.

So you really need to take it serious because with any of these online business that pays daily in Nigeria you can earn money online and transfer it to a bank account and there is no need for any third party payment service like PayPal, Payoneer, etc.


5 Ways & Online Business Models to help you Earn Money Directly to Your Bank Account in Nigeria

Here are the top 5 businesses to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria 2022.

  1. Information Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Simple Earning Programs
  4. Freelancing
  5. Buying & Selling

1. Information Marketing

The first on the list is the information marketing business.

When you hear the word “Information marketing”  what comes to mind? 

Selling of information right?

Well, you’re right.

With information marketing you can earn really big, I’ve been able to make millions of Naira doing information marketing, and what is it exactly?

It’s all about selling information in form of PDF eBooks, Video Training, Software, etc.

eBooks is the easiest when it comes to information marketing because you can just use a program like Microsoft, write, and convert to PDF and it’s done.

No wasting much time.

You can sell an eBook on topics ranging from how to make money online, how to lose weight, how to create a website, how to cook Egusi Soup, haha… etc..

Yes, forget the laugh and jokes.

Do you know there are lots of people searching youtube for how to drink tea?

How about how to tie a tie?


If you don’t believe me, go to youtube and search that and you’ll thousands and millions of viewers + lots of comments.

The world is so big and in need.

There are people who are looking for training on a particular topic and if you can package that information inform of an PDF eBook and maybe put it up for sale at N2,000 per copy, run Facebook Ads to it, you can make lots of sales.

Imagine making just 50 sales or maybe 20 sales for a start.

Does this make sense?

Of course

I mean, I made over N600k+ selling eBooks online right here in Nigeria.

and you may be asking “what if I don’t know how to write and stuff like that?” 

Well you gotta learn.

But anyway, you can actually take eBooks that have already been written, edit it add your name and it becomes yours automatically.

This is great for people who may be lazy to write or just don’t have the time.

These types of eBooks are called PLR.

PLR Business is booming really well right now.

Don’t worry I have written an article on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Selling eBooks without Writing & Designing them Yourself, read it here

If you read that article you’ll also see my over N600k+ earnings from selling eBooks which were all sent directly to my bank account here in Nigeria from Paystack as seen below;

earn money directly to your bank account

You can click here to read the article if interested.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Well, well, well!

Affiliate Marketing is another really cool online business model you can explore as a Nigerian that will put thousands of Naira into your bank account every month.

It simply means selling other people’s digital products and you earn a commission.

For example, You can collaborate with someone who has a product for sale and is selling it at N15,000 to become an affiliate.

You’ll agree on a percentage per sale

So let’s say you agree on 50% commission, then whenever you make a sale for him, you get paid N7,500

You make 10 sales and that’s N75,000

and so on….

Could you believe that on a good day I earn $100 daily from Affiliate marketing?

In fact, forgive me, I beg you haha.

I didn’t mean to talk about the dollar.

But I do work with some foreign affiliate networks like WarriorPlus and JvZoo where I promote products and earn in dollars.

Now skip that.

We are in Nigeria so let’s speak in Naira okay?

So there are different affiliate networks that you can work with right here in Nigeria that will pay directly your affiliate commissions to your bank account like Expertnaire, Learnoflix, etc.

You see?

I don’t like staying in one place o.

I like my income coming from different places.

I promote on expertnaire affiliate network too because it’s fully targeted to the Nigerian audience, so you can promote products there, earn commission and you get paid every Friday straight to your bank account.

I’ve earned over N500k+ from it as seen below and you can read my review here about them here.


Another affiliate network where you can promote products here in Nigeria and get paid to your bank account is Learnoflix, you can click here to read the review about them.

SkillDio affiliate program is another great affiliate program to try out.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn a lot if done right.

So feel free to go through the links I dropped above and run with it.

3. Simple earning programs 

These are programs that can put small small sontin in your bank account while you perform simple tasks.

It’s another great opportunity for you to earn though this won’t put billions in your account but atl east you can earn in thousands and even millions if done right and consistently.

See let me tell you something.

Far back in 2018 I started with earning programs;

All the way from programs like Coolnaira, Affnaija, NNU Income, Wakanda Nation etc…

Maybe you’ve not heard of them but a program like NNU income and wakanda nation paid people to do simple stuff like reading news daily, sharing sponsored posts on Facebook and twitter, commenting etc…

I made thousands from them;

Some are closed now though.

But we still have some sites that have launched and still paying.

Currently working sites Like Owodaily.com will pay you to like a post on Facebook, Comment on a youtube video etc.. and when you’ve done that and submitted proof, you will be paid between N10 to N200 per completed task and you can withdraw when you reach threshold of N5,000 straight to your bank account.

Stuff like that.

Another one is Naira4all where they give you different ways to make money online in Nigeria including paid surveys, websites that pay you for viewing adverts, etc… and they even have an affiliate program that pays you N1,600 straight to your bank account per referral when you introduce anyone.

There is Chop40k as well.

and more.

In fact, there is also dataway I talked about on my youtube channel where you are able to earn unlimited data and lots of cash to and get paid to your bank, I made over N35,000+ from them, they launched earlier last month.

You can make use of this kind of simple earning program and make yourself some cash for the time being.

Feel free to search google for them or you can check my complete list of paying sites for the Nigerian

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is an online business model where you do stuff and get paid online.

What stuff o?

You may be asking

Stuff like writing articles, graphics design, and website design.

What you just need here is to learn one of the skills ranging from article writing, designing of websites on WordPress, Designing Logos, etc.

You can use software to do some of this stuff.

So let’s assume you know how to write very well, then you can contact Nigerian bloggers to write for them and get paid.

In fact, Infoguidenigeria is looking for writers and is willing to pay them N500 per article.

You can apply for this asap get to writing and start earning.

It’s a good way to start.

If you’re good in designing logos, you can join some logo design groups on Facebook, become active and see if anyone need logo design service here in Nigeria.

Once you get hired, deliver the service and you get paid straight to your bank account.


Why not?

Go for it because you can make extra passive income from freelancing.

5. Buying and Selling 

Oh my Goodness

I just remembered one underrated business model

I call it underrated because not so many people know about this;

It’s buying and selling of PayPal funds

Back then I bought PayPal at N310/$ and sold for N350/$

It’s still booming to date.

Wait let me explain how this works for you.

It’s simple! you buy low, sell high.

So let’s say you buy $200 PayPal funds at N310/$ you spend N62,000

and you sell it for N350/$ that’s N70,000

Your profit?

It’s N8,000

That’s how this model works.

and there used to be a way to actually buy the funds at let’s say 310/$ and withdraw to your bank card at most current exchange rate of like 390/$ and you keep more profit (almost the same process) but I think it stopped working.

So now you can only buy low and sell high.

If you join PayPal groups in Nigeria where you buy and sell, you can do this.

Go to Facebook right now and search for PayPal or exchange groups in Nigeria and you’ll see a lot of groups to join, from there, try to get added to their WhatsApp group and start from there.

I need to let you know though, actually, right now, the rate has changed.

But still the same procedure; buy low maybe at 385 and sell at 400 or 410 and keep your profit.

Obviously, you need a Paypal account that sends and receive to do this business if you have one then fine, go ahead and make money bro, sis but if you’d like us to set up one for you feel free to contact us using the contact page on this website.

Happy earning.


This brings me to the end of this post and is sure you’ve learned the various online business models that will allow you to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria.

There are more but these are the ones I have actually used myself and they work well for me so feel free to try them out if you have questions let me know in the comment section.

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cuttylista at 3:37 pm

I just signed up on owodaily. is it true they have affiliate offers just like expertnaire? and how can one make money posting jobs?

prosper at 3:58 pm

They don’t have affiliate offers like Expertnaire, they just have an affiliate program where you can introduce them to others and earn commission.

Posting job is for those who have things they’ll like others to do.

E.g. if you want to get comments for YouTube video, you can post there and you get people to do it.

Daniel at 5:21 pm

Please can I get your WhatsApp number.Am interested in the information marketing.


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