TLC Diet Transformation: Simple Hack to Lose Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol, and Transform Your Life

Lose Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol and Transform Your Life!

When you go out, look around you and tell me what you see. I bet you will see an abundance of fast-food restaurants and guess what’s in front of them? You guessed it… A never-ending line of people.

Fast-food joints are known for serving up a dish of unhealthy food–unhealthy food that people continue to consume. Why? Because they can! People choose fast food because they live a busy life and think they can’t go home and cook a healthy meal, because it will take hours to do. This unhealthy lifestyle leads to obesity.

Below are some of the information that you will get inside:

  • Chapter 1–What Exactly Is The TLC Diet?
  • Chapter 2–All About Cholesterol
  • Chapter 3–Major Benefits Of the TLC Diet
  • Chapter 4–TLC Nutrition Overview – Getting Your Nutrients & What To Eat
  • Chapter 5–Cooking The TLC Way–Sample Meal Options
  • Chapter 6–Smart Choices, Eating Out And Social Events On The TLC Diet
  • Chapter 7–Getting Physically Active

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