The Power of Positive Thinking For Rich

Change Your Mindset of Money and Your Life With Positive Thinking For Rich to Make Money Attract to You Now! Achieve Your Life with Absolute Financial Freedom! You’ll Find Out How to Become Rich Quickly and Safely!

There are many reasons which lead people to not to be rich. Try to think over about yourself and find which factor that affects you then start to make a change.

The first factor that can explain why most of people are not rich is the wrong believes about wealth and the colluding believes between negative and positive believes.

Basically, human’s brain always tries to find pleasure and avoid suffer. If something is related to hardship, we’ll tend to avoid it. In the other way, if something has a strong relationship with pleasure we’ll get closer to it.

If something is associated to pleasure and hardship, our brain will be confused or neutral. Believes is just like magnet. If positive belief is mixed up with the negative ones, there is no more “positive polar” or “negative polar.”

Our minds will be neutral or confused as regular metal. When we are sure that “being rich” is positive, while “being poor” is negative, the pole will be much clearer, thus we’ll become a “magnet.” In fact, most of people never set his belief consciously from birth to death.

If you do not establish our own conscious beliefs of the need to be rich, without realizing we will be carried away by words such as ‘Money is the root of all evil deeds’. At the results, unconsciously we don’t want to be rich because we do not want to be evil.

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