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14 Daily Income Businesses In Nigeria That’ll Pay you Daily for Life Online

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Have you ever wanted to get paid online daily? If you’re looking for a profitable online daily income business in Nigeria, something that will work and pay you daily for life and help change your life and the lives of your family forever, then this is the blog post you’ve been searching for!

I’m about to reveal the 13 best online businesses in Nigeria that’ll pay you daily as a complete newbie based on my 6 years of experience; all you need is a computer/smartphone and an internet connection. I know this may sound like a scam, but everything I’m about to show you is real. If you follow my advice, I can guarantee that you’ll make money from home on a daily basis. 

There is this old saying that goes like “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now”. This same goes true for starting an Online Daily Income Business in Nigeria.

Even if you started one 10 years ago, it is not too late to get back into the game and make money online daily for life. If you are sure you really want to start earning online daily for life, here is a list of 13 ways to earn daily income online for life in Nigeria.


14 Daily Income Businesses In Nigeria 2021

In this article, I will be sharing with you some legitimate ways to make daily income online in Nigeria that has worked for me and my associates in the past few years. Hope it helps. These business ideas require little to no capital to start and will pay you daily for Life.

1. Kindle eBooks Publishing

Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing is a popular income program that has been in existence for smart marketers who knows about it.

As popular as it may, a lot of people do not know they can earn daily income from the platform right here in Nigeria. A lot of smart Nigerians have made millions out of this Amazon platform working from home.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write an eBook
  2. Format it to a good standard
  3. Register on Amazon Kindle
  4. Upload your eBook

After uploading, it takes Amazon about 1-48 hours to review your ebook and approve it on their platform. Immediately after approval, you can start earning daily royalties from as much as $1-$10,000.

This money can be paid as a check to you in Nigeria or Via Payoneer global digital bank. Payoneer is available in Nigeria which gives you a USA bank account to receive US payments freely and withdraw directly to your bank account.

Can’t write ebooks?

I got you! 6Figure Reports provide you access to up to 300+ PLR products you can edit on your own and become an instant author then upload them to Amazon Kindle to earn daily income.

This business model requires as little as N2500 to get started since we already provide you with eBooks to sell and also teach you how to sell them.

2. Website Flipping Investment

Website flipping has a lot of profit margins but requires a little kind of high startup capital ranging from N30,000 to N500,000 depending on the sites you want to invest in.

But basically, the business idea has several ways to profit from, and some means you might not need a dime to get started and I’ll tell you how.

  1. Starting from scratch to flipping
  2. Buying from someone to flip

Starting from scratch: This method requires that you buy your domain and hosting alone which is around N15,000 above, set up a niche website or blog then publish articles worth reading then sell them off.

When you get Google Adsense approved on the website before flipping it, it would increase the value of the website to make more profit. This method too would not make you a daily income but say, weekly, monthly, etc with a huge profit.

Buying from someone to flip: This is the daily income earning method guaranteed as I’ve done it over and over again.

With this method, you simply need to join trading WhatsApp groups of bloggers both Facebook and WhatsApp.

Do you need a quick loan in Nigeria and looking for the best loan apps in Nigeria? You wouldn’t have to wait but simply request using some of the top apps listed by Property9ja.

Whenever someone advertises “Verified/Unverified/Payment Received Google Adsense with Domain available for sale”, you indicate interest to buy and negotiate the price.

Buy it at a lower price, and resell it higher. With this method, you could be making N15-N50k daily income. It’s a hot business for bloggers. I have done it several times but I’m not consistent in it. I only do it when the opportunity presents itself as I’m busy with other businesses.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing as far as every online business is concerned, is the cheapest online business that anyone cannot overemphasize.

It’s one of the best and highly lucrative business ideas on the internet that remains evergreen and never fades. No boundaries, no restrictions, no limitations.

Affiliate marketing has a very low chance of getting scammed because you are selling something and making a profit from it.

As a web developer, I affiliated with one hosting company and in 2 months, I made $1300 ~ N650,000 and withdrew to my PayPal account then to Naira.

I was affiliated with NNU back then and made over N89,000 in 2 months too, then I also joined Amazon affiliate and a lot of other affiliate programs out there that made me money.

Affiliate marketing is the surest and guaranteed daily income business in Nigeria or anywhere. I can go on and on to mention sites I’ve made money with as affiliates including Jumia etc.

Truth is, top businesses today are affiliate marketers. For example, Jumia.com does not own a product but they have a website they affiliate with sellers to make their own commission when a sale is made. Amazon has no products but affiliates with sellers to earn commissions when a sale is made.

UBER, Bolt, Alibaba, Aliexpress all these top companies don’t own a product or a car on their own. They simply affiliate with others to make their own affiliate commissions when a sale is made.

Now, you too can be an affiliate marketer. You can start earning daily income as affiliates. It starts with joining an affiliate network. If you are looking for an affiliate program that would pay you a daily income, then I’ll recommend the 6 Figure Affiliate Program For you to join right now.

4. Information Marketing Business

Every day, online income opportunities are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Some of them are already dying out just as quickly. It is therefore not easy to fish out the really viable ones that will pay you daily for life.

Understanding what works best in Nigeria is key to making it work for you here. If you understand the Nigerian market, you will be able to identify an online business opportunity that will give you the kind of success that most people only dream about. 

The Nigeria Market always takes the 3-10th position in online income opportunities and that’s where the problem of the national economy has been undermined in the country.

Nigerians have spent more than N500 million Naira in buying information products alone in 2020/2021 and the market continues to grow with an increase in selling high ticket information products.

By information products I simply mean, selling ebooks, video courses, or both. It’s a difficult one but easy when you understand it.

You need to be a good writer and researcher to be able to come up with a saleable eBook or course outline. But things are always much easier these days with the right information at hand.

For instance, with 6figure reports, you can become an overnight author of a book or course in less than 5 minutes if you follow my instructions. And we’ve written a detailed post that shows you how it works.

5. Content Writing Business

Content writing is a lucrative business idea out there. With the advent of artificial intelligence, creating content has never been easier than this. That is why we use artificial intelligence software to create articles faster that are 100% unique like humans.

With this business idea, you’ll earn daily income from as little as N2000 to N50,000 per day. This business model also demands your skill and competency to keep getting returning customers and referrals.

You also need to up your game in marketing. You can also sign up on the Fiverr marketplace to provide content writing services to a global audience and earn right here in Nigeria.

Some fast writers write more than 15k words every day and judging at an average of N3/word 15k articles could earn you N45,000 per day. It can be more than that depending on the niche or less than that either.

But you’ll earn a consistent daily income of course working from home. The artificial intelligence software I used to provide this service is Copy AI.

6. Youtube Videos Creation and Monetization

YouTube videos are surely another option to become famous in a short while earning a daily income from home.

My friend Prosper started a YouTube channel a few months ago, created a series of videos targeting Cryptocurrency. A few months after starting it, he got approved for the YouTube monetization program.

That same day, he made about $5, and going forward, he earned $5-$90/day. Of course, a lot of YouTubers with larger followers earn more than this. Prosper earned this with just 2000 followers and a daily view of around 10-30k.

There are some niches in this business idea that require you to spend a lot of money like buying a camera, lights, and hiring photo/videographers to do the shooting while some just need your phone and your computer alone.

YouTube also pays all your earnings directly to your bank account in Nigeria.

7. Trading Digital Currency Business

By trading digital currency AKA Digital Bureau De Change, you need trust, and it can take a couple of days or weeks to achieve that. But when you eventually do, you can be earning consistent daily income working from home.

It’s a business I’ve done since 2014 till date and it pays a lot. The section of this post also talks a lot about this business model and you can check it out.

As of today when I’m writing this post, I’ve made N9250 profit a few hours ago through this business model just by buying PayPal funds and reselling it. It’s that small because I only traded less than $200 worth of PayPal funds.

Patricia, the official sponsor of Big Brother Naija season 6 does this kind of business. They trade both bitcoins, gift cards of all kinds, Payoneer funds, etc.

8. Selling Of Data Subscription

Data has become one of the most unavoidable commodities in life worldwide. In fact, if not that God personally created water and air, then I wonder what product could have been competing with data.

Reports show that data resellers make from N2500 to as high as N50,000 daily income working online. The business is very lucrative and it also might help you never to pay for your own data again until you stop the business.

I haven’t done this business model and I don’t know how to get started but with a few friends who are into it, they make a lot of money daily.

9. Drop Servicing Business

Drop Servicing is more like dropshipping or affiliate marketing. Just that this one, your customers would pay you as a business owner while you outsource the actual job to professionals who can do it on your behalf.

In a real sense, many businesses are into outsourcing. Dangote is a multi-business owner who does not know how to lift a bag of cement but every bit of his business is outsourced to his staff and contractors.

But it’s different when we talk about drop servicing although very similar. I published a course that can help you get started with this right away.

10. Video Editing / Graphic Design

These two skills always go hand in hand. They are high in-demand skills that you can use as a business to earn daily income.

Graphics designers charges from N2500 for a flyer or from N5000 to N50,000 per logo design. A full branding package also costs from N10,000 to up to N500,000 depending on your business packaging and power of persuasion.

By branding, I mean designing of logo, letterhead, business card, ID card, T-shirt, etc. All these are elements of branding which graphic designers offer as branding packages.

Video editing is not left out with editors charging from as high as N50000 and above to edit a 2-minute video. If you watch Nigerian YouTube comedies, you must have come across a guy known as “Edem Victor ” (Visuals by Edem Victor).

He earns daily income from as high as N50,000 to N500,000 daily as a video director and editor. He’s not a graduate of any university nor did he learn the skill from any university. But he’s so good that almost all Nigerian YouTubers use him. 

This skill can also be sold on international platforms like Fiverr and others.

11. Online Coaching Business

If you are the type that is bold and knows your craft well but feels selling eBooks is too cheap, then I implore you to start an online coaching business.

An Online Coaching Business is one that is conducted over the internet. Many Online Coaching Businesses are conducted via email, others via phone, zoom, or Skype.

An Online Coach typically works with an individual (or a group) in some capacity to help them achieve their goals. The most common goals for coaching are weight loss, increased performance in athletics, mental/emotional clarity, personal development, career paths, and relationships.

These various niches can be subdivided into a lot of segments and narrowed down to help specific target audiences and you can be earning substantial figures daily.

12. Consulting Business

While online coaching is helping people achieve their target goals more like instructional manner, Consultation, you’ll need a skill that is sellable online.

You can become a business consultant helping businesses sell more using Facebook ads, a business management consultant, or any.

This business model also helps practitioners earn daily online work from home.

13. Drop Shipping Business

Dropshipping is a multi-million dollar business but has favored the western nations more than Africans due to payment solutions, tax-related issues, and capital.

It’s actually a business that requires a good amount of capital depending on your capacity. But there’s a way to do this locally by utilizing a platform called jiji.ng and you could be earning N5000 to N50,000 extra income daily.

14. Online Personal Shopping Expert

This is a business that is yet to saturate the market. But it’s a business currently gaining momentum in the western world.

In this model, you simply work with people of timber and caliber, people with affluence, and those with less time who always have the need to do some shopping online.

You have to pick a niche, say Fashion, which you yourself must be good in fashion, and by becoming a personal shopping expert, you automatically become an overnight fashion stylist.

I mean you get to make choices of their dressing combination, shoes, colors, etc to make sure your clients look good. And you will be the one to make the shopping supply. Just do a little research on this if your interest is around here.


If you’re looking for a profitable online business in Nigeria,  this post must have helped you as I revealed the best 13 online daily income businesses in Nigeria that’ll pay you daily.

If you were looking for something that will work and pay you daily for life and help change your life and the lives of your family forever, then this is the blog post you’ve been searching for! If you follow my advice, I can guarantee that you’ll make money from home on a daily basis.

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