How To Make Affiliate Sales as a Newbie Without A Website Or Money At Hand

How To Make Affiliate Sales as a Newbie Without A Website Or Money At Hand

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How to start affiliate marketing with no money or website step by step guide: Ever wondered how to Generate Affiliate Sales with No Website or Money as a newbie and pay your bills and live a life of purpose? Every day, many people get on the internet hoping to make money online. They often have many reasons to do it, from wanting to leave their job or to be able to afford the best things in life.

They all have one thing in common: they are often on a tight budget. This is probably why they want to do affiliate marketing to increase their income. Many are told they need to have their own domain, host the site on their own servers, and pay a monthly fee for an autoresponder. It’s almost like they needed more money in order to make it.

Guess what, I understand. It’s true you need to have enough money to make more money. I understand. But what if it could be easy to finally start that affiliate marketing business without having to cut a leg and an arm?

Money is required to cover different fixed and ongoing costs within your business. This is a fact. If you are financially poor and cannot find a second job, you have a few options.

Money is required to cover different fixed and ongoing costs within your business. This is a fact. If you are financially incapacitated and cannot find a second job, you have a few options right here to help you out.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when an online business or someone in the online world offers a product or service for sale on an online platform and receives a commission if someone buys from them after clicking through from another website.

It used to be difficult to make money as a seller where you have to create a product from scratch, pay for marketing materials, build a website and undergo all the stress and spending. But today there are plenty of ways for bloggers and digital marketers to make money via affiliate marketing.

Definitely, you need everything to make the money bro… most importantly;

You would need a free website

A blog or a website is web content that is delivered electronically.WordPress (and other blogging platforms), forums, email distribution lists, wikis, and some social networks are examples of websites that are delivered electronically.

You’ll need one to start making money with affiliate marketing as a beginner.

Many platforms allow you to create a free website. You won’t be able to control the advertisements that are displayed on your site being one out of many disadvantages of using free sites. The other risk is that you will need to follow the rules of the platform.

If they feel that you are violating their rules, they can kick you out without warning. Numerous beginner marketers have lost their companies by building their houses on rented property.

Your goal is to start building a website free of charge. Once you have started generating revenue, you can purchase your own domain and host it the way you want.

Some of these powerful free platforms are;

Blogger blog ==>

WordPress hosted ==>

Medium ==>

They are several others you might find like that including Wix and simple sites, etc.

Medium does not allow you to create your own website, but you can post articles to their platform. This is all you really need right now. This site is well-known and can rank for the low-ranking keywords you might want to target. It’s easy to publish more targeted articles and make affiliate sales from there.

Your goal is to write articles on reviews such as 6figure Reports review which many people might want to search for before buying or joining our program.

Your article would be used to answer many questions such as is 6Figure Reports Scam or Legit? You can use that to share your experience of the program and in the end, you insert your affiliate link so people would click and join earning you a commission.

Joining affiliate program and getting your affiliate links

You should be able to join many affiliate programs such as W+, JVZoo, ClickBank, Rakuten Marketing, Amazon Associates, etc.

In Nigeria, we have a bunch of them like that such as Learnoflix, Expertnaire etc.

Forget programs that require you to pay to play – where you need to have a monthly paid subscription to the software/service/etc. Before they grant you the dubious honor to be able to promote their products. An example of such is a wealthy affiliate.

You can promote a lot of great affiliate products for free, without even having to pay anything and that is with WarriorPlus, Jvzoo, Clickbank, and Amazon.

However, as a Nigerian, you should join a more local affiliate network that local customers can relate to. That is to join the 6 Figure Reports Affiliate program.

When you join the 6 Figure affiliate program, you are automatically presented with many ways to start earning six figures monthly working from home. Having joined our affiliate program, it’s time to figure out how to drive traffic to our offers and earn consistent income. As a beginner, you’ll need to explore free traffic methods.

Free traffic methods to promote any affiliate offer

Paid ads are not an option because of the tight budget you’re currently having. You can also get traffic from popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Also from an end-to-end encrypted messaging app, WhatsApp.

It is important to understand that traffic can take time. Traffic will not come overnight. To get traction and reach people, you will need to produce content almost every day.

Your content should be valuable and of high quality. This will help you build a following as well as get people to click on your article or affiliate links. You can create an account on various social media platforms and perform the following;

1. Make videos using your phone and upload them to YouTube

2. Start posting content by creating a fan page or a Facebook group.

3. Post articles about your niche on Medium using good keywords related to the product you want to promote

4. Tweet your articles or videos regularly and retweet other tweets to build engagement.

5. allows you to create attractive creatives that you can use. It’s completely free!

6. Answer Quora questions to build your email list or send traffic to your affiliate page.

It’s important to keep in mind that social media sites don’t belong to you and are not your web properties. You want to generate sales until enough money is available to purchase your own website domain and hosting, then go for email autoresponder. These are your assets.

Build an email list from day one

An email list is one of the most invaluable assets for your online business. You can use one email list to sell affiliate products, and use the same email list to sell your personal products in the future. You can also use your email list to earn money online selling ebooks you did not create or design using our website.

Your free website can be used to create presell content. However, to create squeeze or opt-in pages, you need a page builder like iPage, Clickfunnels, or even Elementor + WordPress.

However, since you’re getting started without a budget, you need to use free page builders such as; which gives you access to landing pages and automation for up to 500 subscribers, Mailchimp also gives you access to 2000 subscribers for free with automation. Both platforms allow you to own only 1 list for the free plan which can be complicated when you decide to do multiple niche list building.

A good alternative to such limitations is Convertkit or However, does not have landing page option.

“Building an email database is essential because it’s one of the best ways to establish a personal relationship with potential customers.

Emails sit in an inbox until they are read. If you send really helpful emails, people may refer to them multiple times. Also, emails can be easily searched.

Wrapping up with making affiliate sales without a website or money

Start by writing and posting useful articles on Medium. You’ll also embed your affiliate links within the posts. Be careful not to overdo it with affiliate links. Moderation is the key to this.

If your content is interesting, readers will click on your links to reach the sales page for the product you are promoting. This is your primary objective.

Point your YouTube videos, Facebook posts, tweets, Quora, etc to your medium posts. Your Medium article will allow you to pre-sell your reader by giving more information and value. Your chances of selling will increase if you establish trust with your audience.

Your Medium account will serve as a hub site for your affiliate marketing business. You can use free traffic methods to siphon traffic from other platforms and direct them to your hub site’s content, just like all roads lead to Rome.

It’s then just a matter of time before the traffic converts into sales (if you have compelling and valuable content).

To start making money with affiliate marketing, I implore you to join our affiliate program at 6 figure reports and make a whole lot of money referring to other affiliates or selling our products.

What is next for you?

Trust me, you might not start getting results from day one. Maybe not even in 3 months either but with consistency, you get to learn more things about the business and survive.

When you start to see the commissions coming in for your business, invest in it by purchasing your own domain, hosting, and an autoresponder. Your marketing will be elevated to the next level if you are able to create your own mailing list. This will allow you to increase your commissions.

Let’s get to work.

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