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Recurring Commissions

Our yearly and monthly plans are recurring earnings for you for life until the customer cancels.

30 Days Cookie Policy

We provide you with generous 30 days cookies to enable you earn commissions timelessly.

Premium Tracking & Reports

You can set an alert to be sent to your inbox every week, track your sales on your dashboard, etc.

Custom Affiliate Landingpages

When you earn a certain amount, then you can write your own affiliate landing page on our website and forget about using your referral link.

In-depth Training

As our affiliates, you are empowered with full lifetime access to a training by top affiliate earner (Prosper Noah and Awogor Matthew) in order to make more sales.

Direct Product Links

Your dashboard has links to all the products on our website including custom link generator to link to any page and generate consistent sales online.

About 6Figure Reports

6 Figure Reports is a digital product downloading website providing creators, coaches, business owners, and intending online business owners the opportunity to a wide library of information and digital products to grow their email lists and make more money by having access to PLR products that they can easily rebrand and sell or give as bonuses or freebies to grow their fan base.

When you promote our affiliate program, you stand to earn more than N50,000 weekly or monthly straight to bank accounts.

Who is our affiliate program for?

Our affiliate program is designed to help anyone who’s bold enough to say “I want to make money online”. It’s for those that are confident in themselves and determined to succeed with online business. Your possibilities are limitless. But most importantly, our affiliate program is for the following people. Payment is made directly to your Nigeria bank account.

(3) Reasons Why you should join our Affiliate Program


Our affiliates are provided with top notch training so even though you are a complete beginner you get to learn what affiliate marketing is and how to make Money online selling people's products.


Your earning potentials with our program is limitless because we made sure we create different opportunities that enables you earn even though you are "as lazy as a pig" which you ain't. Hahaha!


Earning in our platform is fun and flexible so it provides you with amazing opportunity to flex your life the way you want, travel the world with your earnings because you're awesome and deserves to enjoy.

Different Ways You Can Make Money with our Platform

Referral Program

Every affiliate you refer to our platform and they sign up using your link, you earn generous 50% of their registration fee plus N250 welcome bonus.

Sell Memberships

Earn higher recurring commission rates with our membership plans as an affiliate when your customers pick a plan to maximize profits.

Sales Of eBooks

Every single eBook that you sell on this platform gives you access to a commission rate with up to 50% per sales. Limitless opportunities.

Our Affiliate Structure

How It works?

6Figure Reports Affiliate Program (6FRAP) is an affiliate program created by marketers for marketers.

The program enables you earn consistent residual income online working from home or your office.

You simply need to proceed and pay your registration fee of N9500 by going to the this page and complete your payments.

After payments, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. And you can click here to start watching your training videos.

  1. When you refer affiliates to register, you earn
  2. When you sell membership plans you earn
  3. When you refer sales of any eBooks you earn

You’re equipped with the full training, tips, tools and resources to hit it big. Don’t let this slide.

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